Evan Red Amsterdam Briefcase | Deep Red Top-Grain Leather Laptop Bag With Modern Design & Smart Interior Layout

A bag designed for business, with pleasure.

October 05, 2019

Evan Red is the result of an authentic need for a vibrant and colourful break in the otherwise dull and grey world of corporate travel.

It all started in Utrecht (The Netherlands) a couple of years ago with a businessman who travelled across the world for many years. He noticed that almost all his colleagues and fellow travellers used low-quality black polyester bags to carry their expensive laptops. Most leather bags were only available in black or brown and looked ordinary and slack. Even when going into the various airport-shops it all looked the same. The low quality with an impractical and messy interior did not attract him at all.

He started searching for the perfect laptop bag. It should be practical with a thought-through interior while maintaining a luxurious and modern design. It should mirror the assertive yet colourful life of a businessman.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you better create it yourself. And so he did.

A stylish yet functional laptop bag was born. A Dutch design with the sleek sophistication you want, while providing the smart functionality you need. Both laptop and tablet are travelling first-class in an Evan Red bag.

Made in multiple colours to match your unique style, an Evan Red bag is recognised by its orange stitching, trademarked cut-out shape and always 100 % handmade using the highest quality of top-grain leather with custom-made metal buckles.

Providing everything you need for business travelling in colour. Even in Red.

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