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Black leather backpacks

Black leather backpacks

Smart pockets
Stylish and functional
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Evan Red black leather backpacks go far beyond carrying your laptop and documents. They show your quality of life, your elegance and your unique style. Our bags represent the modern-day business professional perfectly, as they are a unique combination of style and comfort without compromising on quality or functionality. The black leather backpacks are the ideal accessory for traveling business professionals. Order now and find out why.

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The functionality of our black leather backpacks

Our black leather backpacks were designed to suit you and your belongings, as it has a smart interior layout with eleven pockets that comfortably hold and protect all of your necessities. Additionally, the backpacks are equipped with removable straps that allow it to serve as a briefcase backpack combination that can be used as a handheld briefcase as well as a backpack. This means that you decide whether you want to travel handsfree or not.

Black leather backpacks womanBlack leather backpacks

Purchase for wholesale now

Our entire collection of leather backpacks consists of multiple colors, such as tan, black and orange, among others. All of the colors are also available for wholesale. Would you like to know more about our backpacks? Feel free to get in touch with us by filling out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible, as we are more than happy to provide you with additional information.