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Briefcase or Backpack: Which is best for you?

By: :Elcin C 0 comments
Briefcase or Backpack: Which is best for you?

Are you starting a new job and want to look professional from the first day on or just looking to replace your current work bag with a nice professional looking leather bag? Yes?...ok, that's a great decision. But here is another question for you: Do you know if a briefcase or a backpack would be perfect for you? No, not yet?... then, it's again ok! We're going to help you make your decision. Here are our 4 factors that you may check out before making your decision on which is best for you:

Daily Commute:

How you're going to work may affect your decision in choosing the best work laptop bag for you. For example, if your daily commute to work is by train, then, you may want to consider getting a backpack, as you prefer to have your hands free and to hop on and off the train comfortably.

Evan Red Leather Laptop Backpack | Petrol Blue
Petrol Blue Laptop Backpack | Evan Red

Our London Collection backpacks will bring you the convenience and style you expect from a work backpack. Its sleek design provides a sharp and professional look. Also, our backpacks have a little, yet very important, detail at the bottom: Protective Metal Feet - that keeps your belongings in balance while not dirtying up the bottom of your backpack.

Dutch Orange Leather Backpack For Laptop | Evan Red

Every backpack in this collection is designed not only to give a premium look on the outside but also maximum smartness on the inside. They all come with padded pockets that are soft micro-fiber linings for a luxurious touch.

Evan Red Deep Black Laptop Backpack - Smart interior with padded pockets

Well, if you have the chance to go to work by car, buying a briefcase goes beyond just being the last option. Most briefcases come with shoulder straps like our Amsterdam Briefcases, so it gives you comfort in carrying it while providing the timeless, professional look you'd like to achieve.

Business Trip Frequency:

You're a frequent traveler for work? Then, our briefcases would be a perfect option for you! They come with high-quality adjustable zippers in the back, so it can adapt to your cabin bag handles while you're on-the-go. Whether you're at the airport waiting for your flight or heading to your hotel before the meeting, our briefcase will be a good travel companion for you.

Black Leather Laptop Briefcase For Business Trips | Evan Red

With the quilted pockets inside, your laptop and all other belongings inside will get protected from the rush and bumps you could experience during your trip.

Deep Red Leather Briefcase For Men & Women | Evan Red

Personal Style:

Personal style is the last but not the least factor in our list. Sometimes, your sense of style acts in a way that you choose something because your inner voice says "That's it - That's what I've been looking for!". Also, your lifestyle affects your choice. Let's say you're looking for a handbag to use during the weekdays for work, but nothing especially you can also use on the weekends for a casual look. Then, go for briefcases, as they have a very focused purpose: Accompany you to work or business trips. For this purpose, our Amsterdam briefcase will suit your needs perfectly and give you the modern working professional style.

Petrol Blue Laptop Briefcase For Modern Professionals | For Men & Women | Evan Red

Well, on the other hand, a laptop bag does NOT have to be limited to work-day use, right? Then comes the backpack option! Imagine a backpack that you can take to work for full its full functionality AND also use it on the weekends for a stylish casual look. Our London backpack is just the right combination of professionalism and fashion style. It comes in various colors to just match your unique style not only during the weekdays but also on the weekends.

Deep Orange Laptop Backpack, 100% Premium Leather, For Men & Women | Evan Red

So, in the end, both briefcases and backpacks have their great use for both different and common purposes. The most important thing to remember here is to feel confident while carrying them as this is what matters after all.

P.S. Please keep in mind that both our briefcases and backpacks are UNISEX, so our bags will be happy to serve the needs of all men and women professionals."

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