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Backpack or briefcase

Backpack or briefcase

Smart pockets
Stylish and functional
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If you are looking for a durable backpack or briefcase, Evan Red has what it takes to improve your life as a working professional. A briefcase or backpack for work is functional in use, has a simplistic design and stands the test of time and daily commute. The smart pockets on the inside of the backpack or briefcase make it possible to carry everything you need during a busy day at work. Are you having any difficulties choosing between a briefcase vs a laptop bag? Read more about our items down below! 

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Enjoy the quality of our backpack or briefcase

Briefcase vs backpack? Or briefcase vs laptop bag? At Evan Red, we like to offer multifunctional briefcases or backpacks for work to make life just a little bit easier. Our company only offers the best quality to all of our worldwide customers. That is exactly why we use premium vegetable leather, micro-fiber lining and subtle stitching that was done by hand. You do not have to worry about deciding between briefcase vs backpack, because all of our designs have the same practical layout to carry your laptop, water bottle and PC mouse pad.

Briefcase and backpack combination orange redBriefcase and backpack combination orange

What about the look of our briefcase or backpack for work?

For the team of Evan Red, the looks of an vs laptop bag are equally important as the functionality. A briefcase vs laptop bag should complement your outfit and be so much more than just a practical tool to carry all of your devices to work. The simple design, eye-catching colors and details are sure to turn heads. Would you like to invest in joyful colors, such as orange, red or blue? Or are neutral colors, such as black and tan, more your style? Then take a look at our London backpack.


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At Evan Red, we want to guarantee that all of our briefcases and wholesale backpacks for work meet up with all of your expectations. When something goes wrong, we will find a solution as soon as possible. Take a look at our collection to find the perfect item that matches your needs and personal style. Do you have any questions about a specific backpack or briefcase? Feel free to contact us.