London Backpack
London Backpack London Backpack London Backpack

London Backpack

The London backpack presents a fresh take on how to arrive in style. Designed to suit you and your belongings, London features smart interior layout, superior quality leather and removable straps. It serves you as a backpack, as well as a hand held briefcase and comes in a variety of elegant colours. Size 29.5 x 38 x 11 (cm) / Weight 1.494 (gr)
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Stylish and functional – for a fast paced lifestyle

Quilted pockets

Our soft micro-fibre lining and protective padding makes sure your valuables are safe and sound.

Easy access

With our smart interior and easy access pockets your essentials always travel in first class.

Quality leather, serious stitching.

High quality materials and attention to details is the Evan Red way.  Every piece is crafted by hand and features removable straps with robust metal attachments and superior quality leather.

Protective metal feet

The innovative design provides you with broad pads to keep your belongings in balance. This secures your valuables from bumping into the ground as well as keeping your bag in pristine shape.

Our inside matters

Evan Red bags are lined with bright interior coating.

Fit your 13” laptop

your iPad and your Moleskine note pad

11 smart pockets

Truly effortless organizing

High contrast interior

Makes your valuables easier to find

Rely on the London Briefcase for both business and pleasure.

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