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Full-leather bag

Full-leather bag

Smart pockets
Stylish and functional
Free worldwide shipping

An Evan Red full-leather bag is made with top-grain leather and premium micro-fiber fabric to create a luxurious accessory that serves you in a smart way and matches your personal style. Leather is both durable and resilient, so our full-leather bag stands the test of time while remaining beautiful, even with substantial use. Order your new favorite bag now.

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A full-leather bag that suits you and your belongings

Our pure leather bags are the perfect accessory for the business professional that does not want to compromise on quality, functionality, comfort or style. The full-leather bag is carefully handcrafted using natural leather and artisanal techniques, to ensure the highest quality possible. The result is a unique leather bag that is durable and beautiful, but also functional. Every detail of the bag, including the smart pockets, has been meticulously thought through, to make sure the bag suits you and your belongings.

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Experience free worldwide shipping

Order a full-leather bag now and take advantage of free worldwide shipping. We aim to dispatch your order within two working days, so you are sure to enjoy your new bag as soon as possible. Would you like to receive additional information about our bags before ordering? Please fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to provide you with any information you might need.